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Bitcoin Beach Boho Abode

Located in Xanadu El Salvador, otherwise known as 

Bitcoin Beach


Before Surf City became known globally as Bitcoin Beach, this El Salvadorian coastal area has gained popularity among world class surfers across the globe! Surfers aren´t so scared away by mainstream propaganda news. They heard we had some of the best swells this side of the pacific. And they were right! In fact, the WSL now includes Surf City in their curcuit!

Not much of a surfer? You might be interested to note, that many expats and tourists find watching tanned, chiseled surfer bods walking on water is somewhat of a sport as well.

If you're a Bitcoiner like us, then you already know El Salvador is home to some beautiful Volcanic landscapes. (Cue the breathtaking 50000 year old Coatepeque Volcanic Crater Lake nearby).

IMG-20220525-WA0025 (1)

Imagine being able to check the surf without even getting out of bed? 

NO i´m not talking about checking the local surfcam! I mean literally from your bed! 

Ok well ONLY yours if you and your Bitcoin decide to make this bohemian hillside home your paradise. 

Only planning to be around occasionally? No worries there! You can see for yourself the kind of income a 4 bedroom oceanview home pays in rental income! 

Oh did we mention we can help you make that income virtually TAX FREE!! We have all the details and all the hookups! Just say the word!


There's one problem we see with this home. 

How will you keep your gorgeous ocean view (from every angle) hidden from your coworkers as you work remotely just minutes from Bitcoin Beach?



 This is our preferred kind of "high rise" living. 
And... have we mentioned all Bitcasa Homes are 100% Bitcoin Friendly. Thats correct. 
0 Fiat Exchange Required

Full Title Legal Ownership


With countertops that rival the most esquisite of New York Boardrooms

(from a digital nomad perspective of course). 


This bohemian abode blurs the lines between indoors and out.
Work and play.

Sun, Sand and Surf.
Family & Friends, Old & New.

Want your friends to see what Bitcoin helped you achieve? You have 3 extra bedrooms to share if you please! 



Although 3 of the 4 bedrooms in this house exist on the upper level, you might find yourself the host of a gorgeous Bitcoin Beach boutique hotel landlord of sorts! 

(check for yourself the AIRBNB income in the area is attractive)


This spectacular view from each bedroom complete with patio means you might forget about counting sheep and lookout for Bitcoin, Whales and Surfers oh My!

If you have foreign investment in your mind? Looking to leave the rat race for a more quality mindful life? We are happy to help. As foreign investors ourselves: we are here to assist in your freedom journey.  

Contact us to discuss how we can help you save more of your hard earned digital assets by investing in El Salvador - The 1st country in the world to legalize Bitcoin. These high yield potential properties wont last long. 

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