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CoFounder Bitcasa

Meet Aly our free spirited part time nurse and full time traveller. She loves sunshine, the outdoors and baking up new creations. We call her the baking vagabond! Her gift of critical thinking gives Aly the unique ability to notice what's missing and make it happen!

After first becoming intrigued by the Maya's unique cultural history, whispers of undiscovered pyramids, high vibrational energy and endless natural wonders; Aly was drawn to the area.

Her love for travel, meaningful connections and endless search of knowledge inspired Aly to cofound one of Yucatan´s first coworking cafes. Almost 6 years later... she does leave Mexico occasionally to travel & feed her passion for nursing in Canada. 


Through a history of international real estate, capital markets and strategic investing; she is one of the most cultured business women we know.


Living and operating a business as a Canadian expat in Mexico has given her intricate knowledge of the "ins & outs" of investing and relocating internationally. A Bitcoin enthusiast herself, she understands the power of diversifying assets and finding the best opportunities for short & long term asset growth. 

email to schedule a consult with Aly


CoFounder Bitcasa

Meet Amanda. We think of her like a modern Jaques Cousteau. She is not happy unless she is exploring or analyzing unknown territory.  Drop her in a strange village with a coconut and she'll come back with stories for hours (over fine wine and local decadent cuisine of course). Born and raised Canadian by successful entrepreneur parents, Amanda has learned how to balance a workaholic nature with the love for sun, adventures and meeting beautiful new souls along the way. 

Amanda's love of travel and adventure inspired her to design a life that allows her to live and work anywhere in the world. As a seasoned investor, she also teaches the fundamentals of trading and investing to investors worldwide. 

Not a stranger to international investing or expat life, her very first foreign investment was in the heart of colonial Merida! In her 20's she renovated a small

colonial property to live and work from while escaping Canadian winters. That was over a decade ago. In fact; some say it was Amanda's stories of adventures in the Mayan Riviera that led Aly on this path all those years ago! Not to forget she recently spent over 4 years working remotely from Bali & owns an income generating investment property on the Island of the Gods to this day. 

Always in search of new ways to diversity her assets and maximize profits, she agrees that reinvesting profits into high ROI investment real estate is key to long term yield and residual growth. email to meet with Amanda and make your Bitcoin profits go further! 

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