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Solemn Living

The word Solemn is synonymous with Sacredness & Sanctity, which is precisely the feeling invoked when stepping inside. Whether your sanctity is living and working in the heart of downtown; or you find the ocean breeze more sacred, Solemn Living has you covered!

Focused on social and environmental sustainability, seeking to reduce environmental impact and serve the vulnerable. Using creativity, space and form—we also take architecture to another level by implementing technologies with minimal environmental impact.


Solemn Downtown
Tulum, Mayan Riviera, MX

Although downtown and beachfront Tulum are only a 15 minutes scooter ride away, here is where you will find most of the action. Boasting some of the Mayan Riviera's top restaurants & nightclubs. Starting at only 116K USD and fully payable in Bitcoin, Solemn Downtown is a digital nomad and airbnb hosting paradise. 

Reserve your unit today with only 5000USD


Each Solemn Downtown home purchase includes a complimentary scooter.


Solemn Ocean Living 

The architectural vision of Solemn Ocean was to create a space offering ocean views from upper levels. The results are a stunning masterpiece. 

1bedroom units start at only 225K USD

Fully payable in Bitcoin

Reserve your unit today with only 5000USD

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