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Bitcasa Homes is excited to introduce Bitcoin BNB Marketplace

What is the Bitcoin BNB Marketplace?

     Have you ever thought of just throwing in the towel, quitting the daily grind and jumping on a plane? The big thing that stops many people is money. But what if you could earn income while sharing your own home, without having to work? In fact, the BNB hosting industry has reached the top of many work from home dream jobs! Imagine if your earnings were BITCOIN! Now you can. 

     Our team believes in Bitcoin in its essence. A free and sovereign currency. Free to transact as we please, where we please, and with whom we please.

     We aim to contribute to our dream of a circular Bitcoin economy through the Bitcasa’s BNB Marketplace. Where sovereign individuals are free to earn Bitcoin while sharing their homes. Hosts and Guests will contribute to the BTC economy through sharing local Bitcoin friendly businesses, all while connecting with fellow freedom maximalists.

    * Dont have any spaces to share with Bitcoin travelers but have friends that do? We have a generous Bitcasa Homes associate program. Contact us for details.*

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Welcome To Satoshi's Revolution

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