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Meet Artsa. Where art, nature and luxury are fused into a space called home. 

Or home away from home.

Or remote working office

Or vacation rental

Well. As you can tell, the developers of this lifestyle condo development recognized a market for

full title condo ownership property to be just as flexible as you are. Speaking of flexible it even has a yoga shala for finding your zen after expending all your creative energies. 

Statistics state that more than 2/3 of millenials have given up on the prospects of ever owning their own home. Bitcasa Homes made it our mission to find places where we can live our best lives, be inspired by like minded individuals and enjoy a balanced lifestyle and beautiful atmosphere. We feel that this home is all that and maybe a little bit more!


All real estate featured on Bitcasa Homes is 100% payable in Bitcoin. Full Legal Title Ownership. email to view this property or allow us to help you locate your version of perfection. 

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amenities (1)_edited.jpg
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