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Tulum, Mayan Riviera

Every detail of Nāmas has been painstakingly curated to arouse the spirit and catalyze living life to its fullest. The architecture is a homage to the unbridled beauty of Tulum with residences designed to inspire recognition and gratitude for the generosity of nature. Downtown restaurants, yoga studios, supermarkets and other amenities are only a short walk away. Tulum is characterized by accelerated growth from the waves of tourists that began visiting at the end of the last century. It is located in the region called “La Veleta,” where new housing developments begin to rise up among the jungle. A town proud of its strong cultural identity and natural landscapes of dense jungles.

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Brand new, full ownership fully furnished turnkey apartments starting at less than 243,000 USD & accepting Bitcoin. Owners nearby report an average net yearly rental income of 29,800 USD. Share our vision of spiritual and financial wellness. Professional property managers ensure that your apartment provides your financial well-being with full-service management of rentals via platforms like AirBnB, etc. High occupancy rates and best-in-class property care maintain the quality of your investment. Everything is taken care of including listings, cleanings, support for guests, key hand-offs, and even responding to online reviews.


Dramatic architecture and detailed interiors provide a home for art and events as well as residents for whom living, is its own art form.

  • 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Units

  • Starting at 127,245 USD

  • Bitcoin Accepted 


Your apartment is a sanctuary of luxury and calm while community spaces invite you to connect with new experiences and chance encounters.

NAMAS EXTERIOR_21_09_21.jpg

​Every Nāmas apartment is built to the same standards of luxury and with the same attention to detail, regardless of size and floor plan. Choose the apartment that fits your taste and lifestyle. You’ll find the same exquisite furniture, luxury fittings, climate and technology comforts in every unit.

NAMAS DOBLE UNIDAD TIPO 01_21_09_21_edited.jpg

The spacious entrance way and downstairs community space is both a casual meeting point for residents and a venue for art and culture events, attracting artists of both local and global significance.

The open design and almost mythological scale of Nāmas’ Vista Pool create a dual sensation of intimacy and immensity, making you feel at one with the surrounding jungle. The massive steps and spacious sun deck around the 3rd-floor pool create visual amplitude, concentrating the energy of the entire building.

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